Courlande Advisors is deeply tied with its Baltic roots. Our company stands for:

Respect, of other cultures and ways of doing business.

Persistence, as a driver to push boundaries and better our clients businesses.

Teamwork, in providing the best of our common skills to our clients.



We advise and guide companies and governments on a global basis, with a special focus on the Energy space. Proud to have an out-of-the-box attitude, we provide exclusive advocacy services.

Strong of an expertise in government relations and security, we design solutions focused on sensitive markets and strategic businesses.


Courlande has an operative approach to advising your firm and is uniquely qualified to discreetely handle transactions from origination to execution.

Our global network is highly diversified, our risk appetite is high and we always conduct business with our client's interest at heart.


Courlande Advisors is an independent global boutique advisory firm with a focus on the Energy industries (oil & gas, renewables), as well as a growing experience in food and telecommunications. Proud of our global outreach and a strong position in Northern-Eastern Europe and Central Asia, our company specialises in developing businesses between France and the Baltic States. Our company combines an experience of over 40 years in the various industries as well as in government related services, diplomacy and finance.

Courlande will work with you to create a fit-for-purpose strategy on growing your business, ranging from assisting you in executing transactions to advocating on your behalf to governments and institutional players.

Our advisory services are best suited to SMEs, family offices and private equity investors as well as small to medium producers and mid-caps in the extractive space. We believe in close relationships with our clients and only work on exclusive basis with the companies that trust us with their business.




London, UK