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We offer...

... an exclusive combination of advisory services to industrials and producers between the Baltic States and global markets.

Lobbying & Government Solutions

Courlande designs and executes discreet advocacy solutions with the aim to enhance our clients position in markets and break down high barriers to entry.

We consult governments on behalf of our clients and assist companies in speaking with institutions with the aim to influence legislation to provide a better access to strategic markets.

Additionally, we continuously engage with governments to support them with the design of confidentiality and security services & systems.

We can provide intermediation and strategic advice on engaging in both business to government and government to government negotiations.

Global Transaction Advisory

We provide expert advice in an increasingly sensitive and strategic sector, with the ability to conduct cross-border transactions. We design and execute strategies with a long-term view on the challenges our clients face.

Our global footprint and network of Energy focused investors is exclusively available to you to meet your needs in capital. We work hand in hand with you in crafting actionable investor relations plans, helping you compete adequately for financing at both private equity and debt levels.

Risk Analysis & Security Services

At Courlande, we pride ourselves in having access to information sources in governments and corporations, allowing us to present our client with accurate data about their competition. We aim at assisting companies in developing their business activity in sensitive markets where anticipating risk is paramount.

Our solutions include basic due diligence, decoding networks, political analysis, security analysis and situation monitoring. On occasions, we can procure asset retrieval and surveillance services.

We also provide companies with operational support via our broad network of partners, to prepare clients on matters such as communication in a security crisis and evacuation planning.

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